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Offering 1 on 1 coaching and group coaching for single moms


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Single Mom Collective

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Workshops and events for single moms to thrive.


The Great Moms Independence Day Sale

Single moms need help. It’s a fact. But, we busy ourselves taking care of everyone else, waiting on Boaz, and waiting on life to get better. Can I tell you a secret? It doesn’t get better until you do. Yep! Been there. Done it. That’s why this...

Thankfulness: An Open Letter to My Readers

My Thankfulness  Hey mama! I pray all is well in your world and you are rocking it out!!!  I know you’ve noticed I haven’t gotten my usual amount of posts, opinions, and diatribes as only I can put it … out into the universe. [Insert shameful face]...

5 Ways to Thrive as a Single Mom

Single parenting. No one thinks it will happen to them. In fact, we ALL planned to have happily ever after. Didn’t we? But, sometimes it is not to be. People walk away, divorce happens, and even the death of a spouse can cause us to become single. When that...

The Successful Single Mom: Marie Smith

I am loving this series. Round 2 of the Successful Single Mom is here and mamas, get ready to be inspired! Single parenting is not easy by any means, but millions have done it, do it, and are thriving. This series is here to show you that women just like you found...

The Successful Single Mom: Gwen Jimmere

Today kicks off a series I love doing here on the blog: The Successful Single Mom. It is a wildly popular interview series with single moms who are rocking the lives they have and are turning lemons into lemonade. I love this series because it proves to you, me, and...

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