I used to think vision boards were for crafty, visual people. I’m not crafty honey, but I do learn visually. So 3 years ago,  I decided to give it a try. Now, I’ve always dreamed of what I wanted and worked more or less toward it. So, I’m not saying it allowed me to see. What it did was allow me to see “it” every day. So, I’m encouraging you to create a visual reminder of your goals, dreams, and heart’s desires that you will set before God and work toward over the next year. It changed my life, and I believe it will change yours. Here are my “7 reasons you should make a vision board as a single mom.”

7 reasons you should make a vision board as a single mom

It will help you focus on your future

There is absolutely nothing more powerful than envisioning your future. Once you do it, your mind moves you toward your goal. When I listen to Tony Robbins’ story of how he decided he’d never be poor again, he is telling us that he first dreamed of being rich and his actions followed. Listen, I’ve heard him talk about being hungry for Thanksgiving and knowing within himself he’d never allow himself to be there again. What happened? He got intentional. He dared to dream and to do the work. He also feeds people every year as a way to give back and help others who are where he once was. (Listen, giving will change your life.) There is so much power in setting your intention to focus on your future. Question is “Are you listening?”

If thousands of people are telling you to create a vision board, create it sis. If nothing else is gained, you will develop focus. And with laser focus comes goals. What do we do with goals? Around here, we crush em! Woo!

It will encourage you in your current season

Knowing you have better coming somewhere down the line encourages you to try harder. When I create my vision boards every year, I have no idea if the dreams will come true but I am encouraged to push for them ALL year-long when I see that board hanging on my wall day in and day out. So it is with you. Write your vision and let it inspire you to succeed.

It will help you actually implement your goals

It’s not magic, but it sure seems like it. Every year what I write down comes true. Some call it attraction. I call it Bible. In fact, Habakkuk 2:2 says “write the vision and make it plain so that she who reads it may run with it.” Listen, that makes me want to shout. By simply creating the vision or writing it down, you help you implement.

I always create a word for the year. Read this for inspiration.

You will become more focused, organized, and excited

The trade-off to spending hours cutting and pasting, writing and envisioning is the focus, organization, and excitement this activity builds in you. I wish I could stop speaking the power of vision, but I can’t. So, if you’ve lost your vision, create a board. This will help you focus on what it is you say you want and the rest will come.

They are fun to make

Let me keep it real, mama. They’re FUN! I have so much fun hosting vision board parties. (Okay, I only host one per year, and it’s happening this weekend in Dallas on January 21st). I have so much fun because one of my gifts is encouragement. I get to encourage single moms to dream again, to focus, to choose their big scary thing and put it down on paper challenging the universe to mess with their dream. I GET TO HELP MAMAS relax, refresh, and reset! Woo! There is no feeling like when I host this annual vision board party. It’s like no other because I know how important it is for us to be whole, so we can parent our babies. Therefore, I have to provide a transformational experience that is fun and one you’ll never forget.

Let’s write your vision so you can run with it!

You will enjoy the soothing and creative side of planning your future

Let’s just say NO KIDS ALLOWED. Listen Linda, I love my boys, but I need mommy time to think and be a woman. So, do you! You have to allow your vision time to breathe, you have to give it legs, and you need time to plot this God-given vision. So, your creative side needs to have no limits. And when we have our kids, we’re focused on their needs aka limited attention span and no time to focus on mama. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk! This day will be all about you.

It sets your intention for the year

There is nothing … and I mean nothing like knowing where you are going. You must set your intention for the year.  “Oh, I’ll just wing it!” NO! Set your intention. Plan where you will focus your energy and tell life where you want to go. Soon you’ll look up and be there. I dare you. Create your vision and write me at year’s end with how it worked for you.

I’m late posting this, but if you’re in the Dallas area, don’t miss this opportunity to create your vision to rock your life. If you don’t live here or read this too late, cheer up. Get your supplies and craft your vision. As long as you make a plan for your life, you cannot go wrong. You simply have to sit down and write the vision and make it plain. Happy New Year! It’s time to wake up, rise up, and level up.

Do you create a yearly vision? Have you seen progress? Will you create a vision board this year? Comment and let us know!


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