I have been getting an earful from single women AND single moms about what they are NOT going to do to get and keep a man. And it’s not what you think. Men are notorious for writing about what they want in a woman and how some are not meeting the standard. Well, here are our 7 cents on what men need to do to grab a good woman like me, you, her, and the other awesome women who refuse to lower their standards. Read on for 7 things single women are tired of doing in relationships.

7 Things Single Women Are Tired of Doing in Relationships


1. Being perfect in appearance, thought, and personality

Fellas, we hear you and we love looking good, but we are at some point going to be without makeup, put on a pound or two, and not always say the sexiest things. Get over it. We women are brilliant in our own way, and are tired of being your genie you rub when you want to feel good but don’t know how to return the favor of encouraging and supporting us. Sings in Damon Wayans voice and does two snaps: “#Overit.”

And guess what? Women get tired. I know we like to say we’re strong women and run the world, etc. [And we do.] But, we cannot smile 24/7 just so you can say your woman has personality. We have bad days, too. Learn how to ask how I’m doing and your problem will be solved.

2. Being Your Savior

Yes, we are over supporting you, encouraging you, praying for you, and you not doing the same. We are over being the one who has it all together, strong in her faith, believes in you 100%, loyal, but you are still in these streets half way saved. Man up!!!!! Can we have a man who loves GOD just as much as us, gives that 100% back, and knows how to keep his pants zipped? Why do we have to labor with you to grow up?

There was this song called Captain Save a blank. Yea, that’s not what this is or what we are finding.  We’re encountering babes. But, we’re looking for men who have self-control, faith, a moral foundation and isn’t swayed by every pretty face that walks by. This isn’t every guy. This is just for the ones who need to grow up before pursuing a woman who knows not only what she wants but what she deserves.

3. Deciding what we’re doing on our dates

Basically, we quit. It’s not hard. Pick a place, a time, tell me, and pick me up. We are over the meeting you half way and your complaining about distance. You obviously don’t want to date because you won’t put a little thought into what you and I can do together to get to know each other, have a good time, and bond. You know? Normal date stuff. By I, I mean me and all single ladies who spent hours getting cute for you but trying to look like we didn’t. Make the plan. Tell us. Enjoy yourself. And if you are indecisive, it’s already a bad date. Come with a plan.

4. Hearing about your exes

We get it. You loved her. Y’ll broke up. You’ve moved on. So, let’s chill on the over sharing of past exes info. I know. We say we want to hear. But we don’t. We want to connect with you (if we are continuing to go out with you), and ole girl memories are messing up for you. So, take some time to heal and not rebound.  It’ll do you good. It’ll help us connect better. And, she aint all that cause she left, boo. Heal, so you can see what in front of you.

5. Going too fast too soon

We get it. Y’ll visual, sexual … all that. But, we want to get to know you. What do you like? What are your plans for personal growth, career, family, faith, next week? Yes, we need to know. Who are you and do we actually mesh? We are not here to be placeholders. We are here to get to know you, inspire you, and be that light you didn’t know you needed. But, there are many things we can do for fun without ever going there.

6. Paying for half

Sir, don’t ask because we will not be doing this. You want to go on a date? You pay for the date. It is an indicator of respect, intention, ability to provide, desire to invest in what you want. Paying for a date says more than “going half” and “we’re just meeting each other.” When you approach a real woman, you must know it requires investment.

It’s not about using you for your money. We can buy our own meal. Your purchase of the meal and all other things that come along that night say “I value you. I value your time. I understand that if we end up dating, one of the things I will do is provide for you because dating is supposed to lead to marriage. I understand that courtship is a process to decide who my life partner will be.”

7. Dating without commitment

We’re over the “lets see how we mesh/get all this goodness without loyalty for 10 years” mess/phase. Where is the romance, connection, commitment, or desire to be in a loving monogamous relationship? Come ready at least to entertain dating ONE good woman. Geez.

I know. Other women let you get away with it, so you are only doing what has worked before. Understood. But this woman writing this post is ready for you to level up. Your future wife out there somewhere needs you to level up. You know? Come expecting to have to work a lil bit, get to know us, participate in the dating process.

Sir, did you know some of the fellas think they are the prize? Until God starts reversing body parts and roles, women still are the species you can’t live without. I’m just saying. Chivalry is not dead. Please use some as you pursue women.

Well, I’m glad I got that off my chest. It may not change how things are done, but now you know we would like to see some growth. It’s only fair. Right? Right.

So, the next time you want to slide on over and ask a woman for her most precious treasure, pause and think, “might I be ruining my chance at real love?” 0-o. Yes. Yes you are. Right things at wrong moments ruin the process. Get to know her. Allow her to know you. Then, you can build something special.

My 7 cents. Chime in! Am I unrealistic? Or ladies and gents, have I spoken truth? We want to know. Comment below.



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