My beautiful, ugly truth and how that helps you

I was in my last year of undergrad when I got pregnant. And, um, yeah, that was not the plan I had for my life. [And more importantly, HOW was I gonna tell my mama?] Fast forward past the awkwardness of being the saintly good girl and nerd that I was to being somebody’s mama. Nah, this must be a dream. But it wasn’t. I was really having a baby with a guy I barely new and hadn’t had a chance to decide if I wanted to marry. Can you relate?

Somehow, I knew, no matter what, I was graduating and going on with the plan. When the time came, I got my diploma. I already had my own place, car, and job, so life was gonna be all right. Yet somehow, I gave this dude another child. I know. I was in shock, too. But, I love my babies and didn’t believe in abortion. Still don’t. However, I sure talked to Planned Parenthood for 30 minutes just to make sure.

Just when I thought this unplanned family would become my “Happily Ever After,” I find out this guy was sleeping around with 7 women. YES! SEVEN. What is a good girl to do? Fight? Nope. I’m too pretty and scared of jail.(#letskeepitreal)

All I could do was move forward.

I didn’t have all the answers, but I was going to survive, thrive, provide for my babies, and make it through this. I did. It was hard. It hurt. I cried a lot until one day, I had no more tears. I’ve been raising my two boys alone for 15 years. I made it. And now I know why I went through it.

All this pain and drama is what led me to being able to help you reclaim your dreams and transform your life.

Hey girl! I’m Kaywanda Lamb, The Winning Single Mom. I turned what was a tragedy into triumph by the grace of God and my desire to do it anyway. I can teach you to do the same in 90 days with my Signature “Happy, Healthy, Whole and Healed” Coaching.

If you’re ready, sign up here. Let’s get your life plan together, so you can rise above and rock it out!

I may have started out rough, but one thing is for sure I’m a WINNER and so are you! Let’s do it anyway!



You don’t have to parent alone. Join the tribe!

I learned early on to build my tribe or should I say my family away from family. Many of us live far from our usual support system and that makes single parenting all the more challenging. To help women connect, make friends, and learn to build a tribe for others, I started a Facebook Group called Parent. Thrive. Win! You can check it out here. We’d love for you to join us!

About Me

Kaywanda Lamb

Hey mama! Ready to learn to successfully single parent, date on your level, and thrive sans the drama? I'm coach, author, speaker, and educator Kaywanda Lamb. Helping you thrive is my Super Power. Let's do this!

Brunch and Love DC

Brunch and Love DC is the brunch event of the summer taking place in Washington, D.C. on July 22, 2017. It's a single mom's day out to pamper herself, connect wth other moms, make friends, laugh, shop, and enjoy an expert relationship panel as we discuss what it takes to attract a good man. You're invited!

Brunch and Love DC is your day out to pamper you, connect wth other moms, make friends, laugh, shop, and enjoy the expert relationship panel I put together for us moms. Sis, are you really ready for love? Then, you've got to be at this brunch. Tell your girls and get your tickets!

Help! I Need Love by Paul C. Brunson

Watch the new tv show by Paul C. Brunson for single moms on ABC called "Help! I Need Love."

Catch this new docuseries by Paul C. Brunson on ABC On Demand or using the ABC to go App. "Help! I Need Love" is all about Paul (matchmaker extraordinaire) helping single moms like you and me find real love. Watch as this mom learns she has some hangups and she could use some coaching in the love department. It'll make you cry, laugh, and be inspired to find love.

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