When I look back at my early years as a single mom, I certainly didn’t think I’d be a published author, coach, and excuse me while I toot my own horn, A Bossmom! So, I get every single emotion, issue, area you have to deal with. I GET IT. Because I do and it makes my heart hurt, I decided to do something about it. I decided to share how I made it through the heartache and struggle. How I went back to school FIVE TIMES with kids (I like to learn), and how I’ve built a dream business on the side while I work full-time and still parent my now teen boys by myself.

I said all that so you can know that blood, sweat, and tears go into me writing. When I write, I write to help you transform. PERIOD. I want to see you win. If I can help you win, I can help your babies win. THAT’S the part that ticked me off the most when my kid’s dad left me. He left his kids. WHO does that! I know we find ourselves single for various reasons. Please know I don’t man bash. That’s not my focus. But, it is a valid issue in our society. I want to see YOU grow. If you’re ready to do that, these books will help you get your “entire life” together!

The reviews for Do It Anyway! The Single Mom’s Guide to Living Life and Achieving Her Goals are through the roof at 5 stars! Trust me, it will bless you. In it, I share the 12 steps I took to get to the peace I have and the transformation you see.

Parent, Thrive, Win! A 31 Day Devotional for Courageous Single Moms Who Know God Has Called Them to Be More was born from my remembrance of how my faith kept me when I thought I was going to lose my mind. I sure did. I will not hide it. With young babies and a broken heart, I thought I was going to burst from the stress and pressure. Let’s not mention the 7 women taunting me about what I lost  (Ask me today how I feel about what I lost? I say, ‘THANK YOU Haters!’ I’m free, blessed, unbothered, and loving my life).

How did I get there? Jesus. I don’t hide that I’m a Christian and that is my secret weapon. When man left me, God was there.

I want you to see how you can take these lemons life has given you and make the best darn lemonade EVA! Get these books!

So mama, order your copies today. There is more for you and in my 12 step system, you’ll learn to go get it. Both books come with space to journal and action steps. Oh yes, to have the breakthrough and the transformation you seek, you will have to do the work. Start now. Your best life is waiting!



I’m proof you’re going to make it!

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