Brunch and Love Dallas was AMAZING!

Thank you for coming out and supporting.

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What You’ll Get from Attending the Brunch?


Meet other single moms like you who are looking to build the life of their dreams. Make friendships and network.


Build the confidence to chase your dreams after you’ve created your vision using the advice received from the expert panel and keynote speaker. Plus, you’ll have lots of takeaways to write in your workbook prepared especially for you.


Get clarity around your goals. Learn how to implement what you want to achieve in small increments that lead to BIG results. Dating does not have to be hard. Get clear on what you want, so you can know what to bypass.

Are you ready to connect with other awesome single moms like you, be refreshed, and align your desires and actions to attract the love you deserve? Tap the link and let’s brunch!

Testimonial from Dee Nolly

Why You Should Attend “Winning Single Moms Who Brunch.”

Yes honey! Thanks Dee. That’s what I love to hear. Transformational is what I do. I get out of bed for this. I wake up thinking about how to help moms WIN.

So, are you joining us for the next Winning Single Moms Who Brunch?

I'm ready now! Let's do this!

Yes, I'm ready to brunch!

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