I’m super excited to host my 4th Single Moms Who Brunch Event right here in Dallas-Ft. Worth where it all began. It’s been an interesting and fulfilling journey. Let me give you some background and share why you and all your girls (yesss)  must attend Single Moms Who Brunch.

Two years ago, I had the idea to host events to connect with other bloggers in the Dallas area called “Bloggers Who Brunch.” Me an another friend held 3 of those, and I decided to do the same thing for single moms like me. 

Um, my first event I had 1 mom show up. I tried to be Iyanla and Fix Her Life, honey. We had a ball. She left ready to tackle life as a new single mom. Then, I did it again and 4 moms came. I did it again, and no one came. I didn’t give up, and 10 came. What a time we had writing our vision. 

Some said why didn’t I quit, and I said because I know women need what I have. I’ve come along way since then, and I’m hosting the biggest and baddest brunch I’ve held to date on April 29, 2017 at the Plano Nylo Hotel and you are invited. I’m hosting forty women who are ready to bring good love into their lives. Ready to do the work, ready to make new friends, and ready to have an amazing time. That’s the prerequisite.

Some may think 40 is low and say,  “why are you investing all this time, money, and resources for those numbers?” Well, it’s purpose. It’s passion. It’s destiny. I know what you need and how you can move from being stuck to living a life you love because I’ve done it. I know how to date after not dating for years. That’s what I’m teaching, sharing, giving .. the how to bring love in.

I’m an educator and one of the things I know how to do is teach. It’s my sweet spot. Me plus 40 single moms in one room equals  fun, laughter, transformation, and resolve to do what scares us. The numbers of my previous brunches may be small, but the impact was huge. Plus, the size allows for intimate friendship building and networking.

Now, let’s talk about this amazing brunch. Why should single moms and YOU get baby sitters, get cute, buy plane tickets (as some are doing) and get out the house. Okay. That wasn’t enough for you to get a sitter? Here you go!

5 Reasons You Must Be at Brunch and Love

  1. You must build time into your schedule for adult, grown woman time.
  2. Making new friends is good.
  3. Having a good time is good for you and makes you less stressed.
  4. You know you’re ready for love but could use some pointers from the horse’s mouth i.e. this fabulous and fine relationship panel with Derrick Jaxn, Jay Hurt and Tieron Spear 
  5. You deserve good love. Let’s do the work to bring him closer.

Who Is Speaking?

Derrick JaxnDerrick Jaxn

Derrick will be leading the relationship panel of 3 males who are thought leaders in their spaces. Derrick is an author, the Self Love Ambassador, s fierce supporter of women, and philanthropist.

Tieron Spear 

Tieron is an entrepreneur who has a heart for women and changing the world. An online guru who has amazing insight as a business coach and single entrepreneur. I love his insight and you will, too! 

Jay Hurt

Jay is an author and relationship coach. He’s married and his perspective on love, dating, and being eligible will refresh you.

Ladies, you’ve got to be at this brunch! Omg! I’m so excited. What a way to learn how to bring love in by learning what men want and gaining insight FROM MEN!

But, that’s not all. We will have a ball darling. The itinerary is set and you will be shocked at all we’ll get done in 4 hours. Woo! Yes, to moms day out! 

I hope to see you at Brunch and Love because I do this for you. For the women who are like I was with young kids stuck at home being the worlds’s best kept secret. Let the cat out the bag, girl! Let’s let love in.

Register here and let’s rock! Brunch and Love Luxury Experience for Single Moms. 

And, thanks to our sponsors, some lucky moms will win complimentary admission. Winner will be announced Sunday, April 23rd. Click here to enter.

Two ways to be in the building! Can’t wait to meet you and do the work to bring your amazing, kind, good love into your life.

As always, do it anyway! 

Kaywanda Lamb is an author, speaker, event host, and The Winning Single Mom. She helps single moms date their worth, take charge at home, and crush their goals. 

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