Are you ready to increase your dating confidence, so you can attract and date the man of your dreams?

I’m going to help you create a plan to date with confidence, clarity, and power.

Give me 3 months and you will be ready to approach love with an open mind, open heart, clarity about who fits and who doesn’t, and most importantly, ready to date with confidence.

Oh! You won’t be waiting to date until we finish, you’ll be given tasks to complete along the way that will have you dating with confidence.

But first, we do the work.

If you’ve been single a while and are afraid to get your feet wet, allowed yourself to stop believing love would come, think you missed the love train, etc. This coaching is for you.

I’m going to help you get rid of every excuse blocking you from meeting your next love or even Mr. Right.

We’ll sit down to create your LOVE PLAN because dating aimlessly and just to see who works out is not a strategy. Women who want to be in realtionships plan on it. You must, too. 

We’ll check in every two weeks, I’ll provide coaching and insight and you will implement. Having been a single mom for 17 years, I get it. The dating scene can be tough with kids, finding time to date and even getting over the guilt of dating can be a problem. I’m here to help you with it all as a trusted coach. I’m here to help you prepare for the love you deserve.

And honey, you deserve good love! Let’s get you started down the path to love. 

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What You Can Expect to Learn in Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule the 6 calls when I want?

Yes, you are free to schedule your calls according to your schedule and my availability. I recommend a biweekly schedule so you can apply what you are learning in coaching. This is not just a feel good opportunity to share and build your confidence. The latter half of coaching involves you actually dating with feedback, support, and tasks designed by me for you to implement.

What is your refund policy?

I know my coaching works. I do not work with each person who applies so that we can consult to see if we are a fit. This is a financial and time investment for you and me. Come ready to do the work and you will see how much your confidence skyrockets and how the foundation we set will prepare you to date your worth.

Refund Policy: After you have completed the program, implemented the instruction, and have done the tasks, I have full confidence you will be like my last customer and LOVE every minute of coaching with me! However, I will give a partial refund up to 50% if you did not receive impact and desired results. I guarantee you will love it!

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If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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