Introducing Do It Anyway! The Single Mom's Playbook to Overcome Life's Trials and Soar! 

Take the 12 Step Journey to a New, More Resilient, Healthy, and Vibrant You!

What Readers Are Saying

Amazon Reader: "Easy and great read! I felt as if the author was having a conversation with me directly. This book not only can speak to Single Moms, but her words are interchangeable with lessons and motivating words that can apply to anyone needing an extra push in the right direction, especially being selective with those you allow in your circle."

Amazon Reader: "When I start reading it's hard to put it down. I feel as though she is speaking directly to me."

Amazon Reader: "This book is an extremely helpful tool for single mothers, but I also recommend it for mothers, step-mothers or just women who want some very helpful and applicable examples how to live life beyond your circumstances! The author has a sincere way of providing readers with knowledge on how to parent and how to live their best lives, while teaching you how to lay the foundation for a successful home and successful/ respectful children. Do yourself a favor and bless yourself and others with this book!"

"Awesome, K.L. I especially like the passage, "...I was living a better life, but it wasn't my best life. Not yet." I enjoy your writing. It is pure and honest." - Michael W., MAW Media

Are you ready to stretch yourself and be the woman you were made to be?

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