Single parenting can be difficult and confusing.

Let’s take the guesswork and the struggle out of it.

In 2002, I found myself 7 months pregnant with a two-year old and a broken heart. The man I loved had been lying to me, cheating on me, and my only thought was “We’re going to make it.” If you find yourself in that position, let me tell you I know how you feel: the anger, embarrassment, shock, and the looming feeling of what’s next. I know it all, but I rose up and parented my babies. You must do the same.

I wrote Do It Anyway! for single moms who aspire to still achieve their goals. You may be pregnant and living at home with parents, grown, have your own house and broken-hearted, going through divorce and afraid about the next level and your ability to “do this.” Let me tell you you will make it.

After being a single mom for almost 14 years, I’ve become an expert at raising my babies with ease, chasing my dreams and WINNING at all I set out to do, providing for them, living my life, and giving 0 excuses as to why I can’t still have it all.

I want the same for you. Period. You and your babies deserve to thrive, to win, and to have a good life free of struggle. 

If you’ve found yourself on this page, that means you’re looking for a some clues to thrive as a single mother. I’m so glad you are. That means you care, that means you’re ready, that means you want to succeed. You want to WIN. And you will.

I’ve included 12 of my top lessons that every single mom has to learn to be able to get to the place she wants: happy, healthy, whole, healed from the hurt, excited about her life, and raising great babies!

Yes, it’s all in here! I was so disappointed in people who walk away from their families and leave precious babies like yours and mine that I wanted to write the secret to really getting past the hurt and onto the path you seek. It’s all in here. If you’re ready to transform your life, start now! Get your copy today!


What Women Are Saying About Do It Anyway!

review of the book Do It Anyway by Kaywanda Lamb

What’s in Do It Anyway?

Step 1: Heal

Step 2: Find Your Why

Step 3: Find Your Tribe

Step 4: Connect with Your Kids

Step 5: Get Organized

Step 6: Get Focused

Step 7: Crush Your Fear

Step 8: Get Up, Get Out, and Live!

Step 9: Chase Your Dreams While Waiting for Boaz

Step 10: Set Boundaries

Step 11: Remember the Struggle

Step 12: Do It Anyway!

Bonus Step: Get Your Money Right!


Are You Ready to Parent Better, Live Better, and Go After Your Dreams?

It’s time to Do It Anyway!

Order the book that gives you back your life and teaches you how to thrive as a single mom one chapter at a time.

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