Single parenting can be difficult and confusing.

Let’s take the guesswork and the struggle out of it.

In 2002, I found myself 7 months pregnant with a two-year old and a broken heart. The man I loved had been lying to me, cheating on me, and my only thought was “We’re going to make it.” If you find yourself in that position, let me tell you I know how you feel: the anger, embarrassment, shock, and the looming feeling of what’s next. I know it all, but I rose up and parented my babies. You must do the same.

I wrote Do It Anyway! for single moms who aspire to still achieve their goals. You may be pregnant and living at home with parents, grown, have your own house and broken-hearted, going through divorce and afraid about the next level and your ability to “do this.” Let me tell you you will make it.

After being a single mom for almost 14 years, I’ve become an expert at raising my babies with ease, chasing my dreams and WINNING at all I set out to do, providing for them, living my life, and giving 0 excuses as to why I can’t still have it all.

I want the same for you. Period. You and your babies deserve to thrive, to win, and to have a good life free of struggle. 

If you’ve found yourself on this page, that means you’re looking for a some clues to thrive as a single mother. I’m so glad you are. That means you care, that means you’re ready, that means you want to succeed. You want to WIN. And you will.

I’ve included 12 of my top lessons that every single mom has to learn to be able to get to the place she wants: happy, healthy, whole, healed from the hurt, excited about her life, and raising great babies!

Yes, it’s all in here! I was so disappointed in people who walk away from their families and leave precious babies like yours and mine that I wanted to write the secret to really getting past the hurt and onto the path you seek. It’s all in here. If you’re ready to transform your life, start now! Get your copy today!


What Women Are Saying About Do It Anyway!

This book is a great resource for anyone raising children without a partner. It challenges the reader to take action toward creating the best life for yourself while being the best parent for your child. The author speaks from a place of personal experience and offers encouragement and anecdotes to tackle tough emotions, finances, dating and the stress of parenting. The book also contains workbook pages with challenging questions to guide the reader through the healing process and journal thoughts. Ms. Lamb has a passion and a gift for connecting with and relating to single parents. I’ve recommended this book to several friends and often use it as a reference for encouragement to stay on track. Pick up a copy for yourself as well as your single parent friends!

N. Volare

I purchased this book a few months ago. As a single mom myself, I felt it was necessary to read a book by someone whose story was similar to mine. I absolutely love this book. Wished I had it to read when I had younger kids. Thanking God, I recently met a young struggling mom and thought there wouldn’t be a better way to open up to her than to have her read this book. I wont be giving it to her, but I am excited that she will find the value in it as it did me. Thank you for this Amazing book. Hope that each person who turned the pages will gather strength knowing they too shall overcome.

Amazon Reviewer

This book is an extremely helpful tool for single mothers, but I also recommend it for mothers, step-mothers or just women who want some very helpful and applicable examples how to live life beyond your circumstances! The author has a sincere way of providing readers with knowledge on how to parent and how to live their best lives, while teaching you how to lay the foundation for a successful home and successful/ respectful children. Do yourself a favor and bless yourself and others with this book!

Amazon Reviewer

Let me start by saying this: I am not a single mom. I was raised by one after my father passed-and yet she was my guide as I was already an adult. When I came across Kaywanda’s book, my 1st reaction was: Wow! I’ve read lots of books and something drew me to hers. I was blown away. It’s not one of those “self-help” books that give you strategy without walking through the author’s personal struggle. As a single-mom advocate, this book is a must read for any mother in any walk of life. So, perhaps you’ve healed from the pain of what caused you to be a single mom; or perhaps you have chosen to be heroic and made a decision to parent your children alone. Whatever your reason as a woman, Ms. Lamb “gives you permission and a push” to own your super-momnesss through her 12 steps. Sounds a bit like group therapy doesn’t it? Perfect! There’s a chapter dedicated to why you need to find your tribe of other single moms who have decided that it isn’t a curse but a blessing to get up out of the rut and “Do It Anyway!” Procrastinating on your goals? Dealing with mom guilt? Unorganized and unfocused because you have so much on your plate as you pour into the lives of your child/children? Perfect. She walks you through how to balance that. This book is refreshing, the energy is contagious and I would venture to say that for women considering adoption-this is for you too. She makes you think about yourself and your situation while she sits with you on your virtual sofa. I highly recommend this piece of literary genius. To quote the author: “You just have to find your why, develop the balls to chase it and do it anyway!” Dating in your future and even marriage will thank you as she walks you “girlfriend” from healing to living again and propels you into the forefront of your life by helping you set reasonable boundaries to getting your finances right. Often single moms face these struggles of boundaries and financial management because they are stuck. This book is a loving, no nonsense, humorous, honest and balanced kick in the rear for single moms and all women who just can’t seem to get it in gear. Let me tell you amazing women something-Get the book… You’re worth it. She’s got you covered!

Natasha Stevens

Humanitarian, Girl Rising Ambassador, Pitch 2 Me

I have learned how to walk into my purpose no how much fear I have. Getting out of  my comfort zone now has helped me to meet new people. I have even changed my environment. I have built a tribe of people that care about my goals and that are kingdom minded.

Thanks to you Kaywanda Lamb, I am walking into my purpose.

Lasha Lynch

Married Mom

When I read “Do It Anyway!” I feel like I’m talking to my girlfriend on my couch.

Shadana Campbell

Single Mom, Speaker

What’s in Do It Anyway?

Step 1: Heal

Step 2: Find Your Why

Step 3: Find Your Tribe

Step 4: Connect with Your Kids

Step 5: Get Organized

Step 6: Get Focused

Step 7: Crush Your Fear

Step 8: Get Up, Get Out, and Live!

Step 9: Chase Your Dreams While Waiting for Boaz

Step 10: Set Boundaries

Step 11: Remember the Struggle

Step 12: Do It Anyway!

Bonus Step: Get Your Money Right!


Are You Ready to Parent Better, Live Better, and Go After Your Dreams?

It’s time to Do It Anyway!

Order the book that gives you back your life and teaches you how to thrive as a single mom one chapter at a time.

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