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Welcome to the Single Mom Success Collective

As you know, I’m a single mom, too! Yes, life gets busy, stuff costs money, and we go, go, go! Girl, we have a lot of hats to wear. So, I put my thinking cap on and created some resources to help you get your life organized weekly and to get your children on your team so you have less drama. I  know. Is that possible? It is.

Grab your checklist below and your My Life Rocks Daily Planner by clicking on the titles themselves. Yes you can edit it and print out the copies here. I know they will help you “Get your Life!” And, I’ve include some free audio to help you see why you need a system with the kiddos. And of course, I keep it all the way real. You wanna listen to this. And yes, you got this! Here to help you win!

Discipline Checklist for Mom

This is a handy way for you to keep track of the chores your kids “should” be doing and what happens when they don’t. Yes, we don’t want to discipline them, but we must. They’re brilliant you know. Create your list ahead of time so you don’t succumb to sweet faces and promises of “never more.” 🙂 Been there done that. Get ready to rock as the HMIC (Head mama in charge)! Here’s a free audio to go with it!

My Life Rocks Daily Planner Kaywanda Lamb

Time to get organized mama. The best way to feel balanced is to get balanced. Everything does not have to get done right now. Download this handy dandy planner and print as often as you need to stay on track. Change the colors and do what you need, but get organized.

My Top 5 Tips for New Single Moms

Get this free 15 page e-book full of encouragement in every area that matters: dating, parenting, self care, and more!

Single Mom Self Care and Life Plan

Time to stop existing sis. Begin to dream about the life you deserve by getting it written down now. Complete with tips on the things you should have in order as a single mom. Creating the life you want begins with creating the life you want. Do the work. Also includes tips for loving on you and making time for self care. You’re on your way to winning!

Budget Checklist for Mom

COMING SOON! Because we all need to save a little money!

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