Can single moms find love? There are a whole lot of moms saying, “No.” But when we look at the number of weddings, a large percentage are second and even third marriages. It’s not a can we question. It’s a will we do what it takes question. Enter Paul C. Brunson to assist us with his new show “Help! I Need Love” airing May 27th at 10 PM on ABC.  Imagine my excitement when he told me he would be coaching three single moms toward total transformation centered around finding love! Oh! I got happy.  I knew the question I’d often asked myself and heard from so many of you was about to be answered. Read on for my reasons for watching and to watch my interview with Paul.

The Backstory

I got a call one cold December evening in 2015 that made me forget I was freezing in our not “really” cold winter in Texas. It was Paul calling to let me know about his new project. Of course, I was all cool and calm but inside I literally was like “Omg! Paul is calling me?” (You know how we fangirl about our biggest heroes and heroes) Paul is a long-time mentor and friend of mine, whom I respect and admire, so I was honored he wanted my input. He called me because I am the blueprint single mom: left to raise babies alone, broken-hearted, little money, and friggin amazing like you who got back up. “How,” he wanted to know, and our journey began.

Because we become single moms in various ways, I knew I couldn’t just give him my story. He needed all perspectives. So, I put together a focus group of about 40 women. Paul, the ladies, and I met on a conference call every few months in 2016. The powerful conversations we had were amazing even to me. I knew then this was going to be magical.

He filmed for a year and no show. We waited. The network went back and forth on release dates and still, no show. It took a long time to hear back on whether or not the show would make it to air. (Paul kind of went through a dark period waiting to hear how this would go. He recently shared how that feeling was borderline depression and I can’t loose all this time money and hard work) 

I waited, hoped, prayed, rolled eyes. And then, I got the text LAST week. YES! Sis, we get our own show! Okay. It’s Paul’s, but it feels like a win for single moms everywhere. I’m over the moon! And that is why we’re asking you to tune in Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 10 PM to Help! I Need Love with Paul C. Brunson. We want you to be helped on your journey, inspired, and ready to date again.

Check out Paul’s interview with for more background on the show.

Help! I Need Love by Paul C. Brunson on ABC

5 Reasons You Should Watch Help! I Need Love on ABC

1. It will inspire you to believe you can find real love

Three women were taken on a journey to not only find love but find themselves over the course of a year. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I will need a box of tissue because the energy and interviews he’s done already have me excited. I know Paul. He’s a giver and I know he did some transformational “get your life together” coaching with them. I hope you join the virtual watch party with us.

2. You will learn strategies to use to date as a single mom

Paul stated that before he even set the women up on dates, he spent 3 months helping them prepare for love. Isn’t that amazing? I say something very similar to this, but we often want to stop the bleeding i.e. the broken heart and so we get into another relationship. We have to do as Paul did with the ladies and work on healing and preparation. I’m so ready to see the show! Aren’t you?

3. You want to use your voice to support a cause bigger than you

We all know at some point we’re born to be great. Many of us to DO something great. But, what if helping someone else get free was part of your story? This is a cause to help strengthen the family not just help single moms find love. If mom finds love, mom gets help. If mom is happier, her kids thrive. I know this because I live this. What if you sharing a show helps millions of women see life differently? Yes, do it. Share now and use #INeedLove

4. You know you need it

As women and men, we tend to skip this tough, heart-wrenching, healing part of love. But, it is truly the most necessary and beneficial step to long-lasting love. Paul shared in a recent interview with April Franks-Hunt that so many women don’t have high self-esteem and proper self-love, so they attract someone who’s looking for those qualities. Hmmm. I’m not calling you anything. I’m raising my hand and saying the used to be me. Each of us on some level have not dated our “worth.” We’ve settled. And, this show is going to show you how to do so every time.

5. It will change the way you look at love

I’m telling you this because I coach single moms. I begin my coaching by assessing her self love and self worth each time. Many do not believe they deserve love or that they will ever find it. And I’m here to tell you it’s all a lie. Paul is going to show you in his new docuseries “Help! I Need Love” by Paul C. Brunson. This show is going to show you not only that real love exists, it exists for you.

Too many of us have bought into the lie that love happens in a moment. Paul says, “Love is an action.” If this is true, then you must go by the actions of your mate and not solely their words. Hmm. Let’s change what we’ve been sold and learn something new. Tune in May 27, 2017 10 PM ET on ABC.

Paul has a way of teaching that leaves you inspired and ignited. I want you to experience this. When he called me a year and a half ago, I had my moment because I respect him that much. I’ll be hosting a in person watch party, live tweeting, and periscoping the show @Kaydyma. Come find me using the hashtag #INeedLove. Woo!

Want to help spread the word? You should join us here by the way.

Watch the video interview I did with Paul to see for yourself how cool a dude he is and just what you can expect from the new show called “Help! I Need Love by Paul Brunson.”

As moms, we have a lot of both of these emotions sometimes, so I could relate. But as my motto goes, Paul found his #doitanyway and held on. Just when it got dark, the lights came on. He got the text that he had one opportunity and that is this Saturday, May 27 at 10 PM ET on ABC. Woo!

I’m so glad ABC is giving this docuseries to us mamas. So, mama, I need you to watch because trust me, blood, sweat, and real tears went into this.

Are you ready to love again? Then, set your DVR for Saturday, May 27th at 10 PM ET on ABC. #INeedLove

I believe we can do something about the steady diet of “not so family values infused” TV we’ve been fed. Let’s show how important TV with a purpose and impact is to us. Watch, tweet, share, host a watch party. I am!

As I said, I’m organizing the ambassadors for the show. If you’d like to help Paul bring more episodes and these great stories to light, become an ambassador.

Better takes a village. Join us on the quest to build up single moms and by doing so, build stronger families.

You know you’re ready for and need love. Watch the show for insight and tips on how you can let love in. “Help! I Need Love” premiers May 27, 2017 at 9 pm on ABC News.

Rise up! #doitanyway


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