I live in an apartment with two teen boys. They constantly eat up all the food, have 3 tvs on at once, and forget to turn the lights off. EVERY day! Oh the joys of being a kid! That’s why I’m super geeked to use Hive Home products. They will save me on energy bills because let’s face it, kids are not bothered one bit by “Turn off the lights.” If you feel my pain and are looking for convenience, read on as I share how I am lighting up my life with Hive.

What are Hive Home Products

Hive Home sent me this package of amazingness to try, and I’m already in love. It came with a Hive Active Thermostat, two Hive Window or Door Sensors, two Hive Active Lights, and a Hive Hub. It’s a set of smart devices that work together to help me do less and with less hassle. Each of these work together wirelessly to monitor usage, entry and exit, and to turn things off if your forget or schedule whenever you want.

Once you connect the hub to your router, magic happens. You see everything inside the app or on your computer screen. The items are well made, modern sleek. I like that they are not obtrusive and actually blend into my decor.

Hive Home lighting and sensors help keep this busy mom's life running smoothly. Learn how the turn on and turn off technology is helping me fuss less and enjoy more.

My Review of Hive Home Products

This is a sponsored post, and I am ecstatic to be able to share how I use these products. One, I work from home a lot and the lighting in my apartment is very warm. My cabinets are that deep cherry almost black and so that hurts the lighting. As a blogger, I have a lighting kit, but just one light has changed everything. I will have to do video later for you to see. I am impressed and relieved.

I do a lot of my work at night when the house is quiet and the boys are fed and taken care of. But, I have to deal with harsh lighting. Not with Hive. This is amazing to me.

Besides coming with sensors, having great lighting, and even turning on and off with the active plug, I can control it all from my iPhone or computer. Hallelujah! I mean how cool is that! So, I’ve literally been playing with dimming the light and opening and closing the door to see it register. So, you say, how is this helping me? Well, as a single mom, you do it all. This will help you alleviate some of those steps you’ve had to make. Don’t you hate when you’re all in bed and you think “Did I turn the lights off?” Yeah, me too. This will help ensure it’s done right from your comfy bed. Yasss!

As a matter of fact, I’m sitting in my bed enjoying my good Hive Home lighting and thinking where have these products been my whole life. So, I just started using them today. I’ll share if and how my electricity changes and how usage impacts my life i.e. saves my relationship with my kids because I scream less, saves me time because I can do everything from my phone, or just plain ole helps me do less. Good or bad, I’ll be sharing. But honey right now, I’m going to turn my lights off all fancy using my cell phone and watch the last two episodes of The Carmichael Show in peace and quiet.

Learn more about Hive here. I’m looking forward to making coffee by connecting the Hive Active Plug to my coffeemaker, waking up and grabbing a cup. And remember, you deserve to enjoy life right along with your babies.

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