I’m coming up on my 2 year blogaversay (pinches self and SMILES), and that has caused me to reflect on how far I’ve grown and the impact I’ve been able to make. So, I decided to celebrate with a month-long interview-style series showcasing successful single moms Who Rock! My first single mom of the week is June Smith. June is an example of how to succeed as a single mom and love it. Her story is endearing and inspirational. And, her mission to help other women is contagious.

Listen, successful single moms exist and are taking the world by storm.  Just like you and me, these women I showcase parent alone, have chased their dreams until they have taken hold of them, and embody a true do it anyway spirit. So, read on as I interview my first guest. You will be inspired and motivated to get going in the direction of your destiny. Oh yeah, sis! You, too, have a dream to chase!

The Backstory: How I Met June Smith

I first met June at a conference in 2014 hosted by Paul C. Brunson and Ella Rucker called “The Mentor Monday Mastermind.” I flew to D.C., didn’t know a soul, and all I knew is that I wanted to help single moms.  I just didn’t know where to start. I was hungry to learn and at the event I met many women who were as hungry and passionate as I. June was one of them. She went first in the Mastermind. We lovingly call it the “hot seat”. Hearing her story blessed me. She is so passionate about her family and her business that it oozes through her.  She literally tweets and shares posts about her love of family every day. I admire her because she gets what life is all about- relationship. She is a true example of what hard work, perseverance, and commitment will do for you. And to give you hope mamas, look at how her and her boys have been able to dream chase together. You will love this interview. Read on.

The Interview: June Smith on Succeeding Anyway

Me: So June Smith, you are our featured mom of the week because you are a Rock Star in your own right. Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you’re from, and what you do.

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Marie wearing her own products from TAJJ Cosmetics.

June:  I am June Smith, and I am a proud mother of three amazing young men, Andre, Jevar and Tyler.  I currently reside in Toronto, Canada.  I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, and migrated to Canada in 1988. I am also the CEO/Founder of TAJJ Cosmetics. Our company was established in 2009, with our first product the Incredible Corn Concealer.  And, in 2011, launched our complete line of makeup for women of color.  Entrepreneurship runs in my family, so I am not surprised that I actually took the path to owning my own business.  Where others see obstacles, I see opportunities. And there’s always an opportunity to enhance one’s beauty.

It is this belief that led me to develop my first product.  As a young lady and even in my adolescent years, I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion, so from an early age I found myself enjoying enhancing the looks of other around me.  My family and friends would consult with me for beauty tips and ideas.  One particular incident involving my cousin who had corns on her feet, caused by years of ill-fitted shoes, led me to develop “The Incredible Corn Concealer”, a product that is used to conceal discoloration on the feet caused by corns after callous removal.  After developing this product it quickly gained the attention of women around the world spurring the growth of my entrepreneurship and the brand of TAJJ Cosmetics.

Me: That’s interesting. Did you find it challenging to reach your goals and raise your family alone? How did you overcome?

June: It was quite difficult raising three boys and running a business at the same time. Financing was definitely a challenge.  Financing for the home and business were two of my major challenges. I was faced with finding the resources to start developing a product of value out of nothing. I needed to bring a product into existence.  To do that, I needed the finances and to find a company that would research and develop the product for me. I did find a major manufacturer that was willing to work with me to develop and design the product.  They understood my situation, and they also knew I had a unique product and worked with me to produce it.  Then, the major challenge was to get people to know about TAJJ Cosmetics, about our brand, what makes us different, and developing a trusting, loyal relationship in the marketplace.  All of which we managed to achieve by the quality of our products and by showing that they actually work.

Me:  To whom or what do you attribute your success as a single mom?

June: Definitely my children. They motivate me. My oldest son is our Creative & Marketing Director. My children are all a part of what I do. Whenever I get side tracked, I always reflect on my WHY.

Me: Do you have any special quotes, mantras to live by, or sayings that you use to keep you motivated to tackle your goals and chase your dreams?

June: I do. I love this quote by Arthur C. Clarke “The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible”.

Me: Wow! I love that. What would you say to a single mom reading this article who thinks she can’t overcome where she is or do what you’ve done?

June:  It’s difficult being a single mother. It’s hard to focus on anything else but your children. But, you must never forget about YOU! It’s also good to reflect on who you are and your purpose, and to always ask yourself “Where do I see myself in a year.” Every year, you should see growth in YOU. Do something that makes you happy each day and stay focused on what it is that you desire to do. Never lose yourself in the process.

Me: June is teaching today. That’s absolutely true, and as women we get this wrong a lot. What are you working on now in your business? What’s up next for you?

June: Currently, I am working on our Beauty On The Go Event for 2016. We are determined to educate women about our products and the importance of wearing products that are suitable for their skin tone.  We are also revamping our website and producing new products.

Marie Smith of TAJJ Cosmetics the first super mom in the Single Mom Success series on KaywandaLamb.com

Marie striking a pose. Who says a mature woman can’t Rock It? Marie is serving face!

 Me: I love it. I know great things are in store for you and TAJJ Cosmetics. What advice would you give to other single moms who have a dream and children to raise alone?

June: My advice is to never let anyone tell you about their personal vision or dream for your life.  It is your vision and dream.  You have the ability to see what others are unable to see, which is what makes you unique.  Be sure about what it is you would like to do. The process is hard and if you are not passionate, persistent and patient, you can quickly lose focus and give up easily.  Strange but true … be prepared to fail. But, you must quickly remind yourself of your WHY! Always reflect on the burning desire you had when you first had the vision of becoming an entrepreneur.

Me: June, you have blessed me today. I’ve enjoyed sharing with the Tribe how they too can Rock the Life They Got! You are a phenomenal, kind woman and I am so pleased to know you. Big success to you in the coming year. I cannot wait for women to see he products you have in store for them.

June: And, thank you for choosing TAJJ Cosmetics to be a part of your featured Single Mom Post.

Me: My pleasure. You rock! And, I want all my single mom sisters to know they do as well.

You can find out more about June and her budding empire and connect with her and her mission to provide beauty products for women of color all over the world. Visit her site here.  She is also on Twitter  FaceBook  and Periscope.

The Takeaway

Well, was that not the.bomb.com or what! I am super excited and committed to showcasing the opposite of what the media likes to say about single moms. We are beautiful, unique, creative, hardworking, and entrepreneurial. We wear many hats and do so with pride. We are phenomenal in the marketplace and we are good mothers. I am on my journey to being all of who God called me to be. June is on her journey and living out her dreams. What are you doing to live out yours? Oh yeah, it’s your turn. We all have gifts, skills, abilities and so much more to offer. I am going to shine a light on more single moms just like June. Write in and tell me your story: info@kaywandalamb.com

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Kaywanda Lamb is an author, blogger, speaker, and Single Mom Coach. Kaywanda’s brand of writing infuses humor, real life experiences, faith, and practicality to help single moms all over the world heal, find balance, and do it anyway. Her new book Do It Anyway! The Single Mom’s Guide to Living Life and Achieving Her Goals is now available for pre-order.

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