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Ms. Kaywanda Lamb was a Clarity Catalyst for me. When meeting with her earlier this year, she posed simplistic yet insightful questions that enabled me to broaden my perspective and set me on a new direction. Her warm personality and professionalism enable you to articulate your obstacles yet provide you with actionable steps to Do It Anyway.

Talisha Shine

IT Coordinator and Entrepreneur Scope Scribe

We’re living in an era we’ve never experienced before socially & technologically. Connecting with others and finding support as a single parent is tough. Parenting can be overwhelming for many of us who are single parents. However, Kaywanda Lamb inspires, encourages, and coaches me daily to #DoItAnyway! through her tweets, Periscope videos, Facebook posts, and her blog. As a man who is not her usual single mom audience, I still find so much value in what she has to say. We connected before she started blogging through our faith and love for people. She is one to follow for faith-based advice on parenting and relationships.

Robert Carpenter


Ms. Kaywanda gave me immeasurable value, and I recommend her for business coaching. She helped me gain clarity and even helped me make sure the company I chose to do my website and branding was satisfying my core needs.

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Brittany C.

Non-Profit Creator

I have been following Kaywanda Lamb on Twitter and Facebook now for over a year, and I have truly been moved by her love and passion to coach, mentor, and inspire single mothers.  Additionally, Kaydy’s blogs give single moms positives tips on raising children, methods of pursing purpose and dreams, and inspirational ideas of living life to the fullest.  This is why I support Kaywanda’s vision of to change the lives of many women worldwide.  She is truly a strong and remarkable person!! Regardless of her struggles as a single mother, with faith in God, she has overcome major life obstacles and truly embodies her logo of “#doitanyway!” KayKay truly rocks!!

Chris C.

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