Sharing my heart and this full-circle moment to inspire you to start. I’m reminiscing on #weekendstartupschool hosted by Paul C. Brunson and Ella Rucke. Wow! In just a few years, I had my mentors on a panel? Look what 2.5 years brings! Look at God! That’s me in the background far right in the pic, excited and hopeful.

Weekend Startup School DC with Paul C. Brunson and Ella Rucker

Weekend Startup School March 2015

I had an idea in 2014 when I met Paul Carrick Brunson and Ella Rucker. I wanted to somehow help single moms chase their dreams, parent better, and thrive. How I would do that I had no idea. I left this event full of excitement and ready to test and fail and test and fail until I found my niche. Today, coaching, writing books, speaking and hosting events is what that first idea has become.

Thanks to them launching their dream to mentor entrepreneurs like me, I’m seeing my vision become reality. I’m in amazement because I remember telling Paul, “One day, I’ll speak with you.” Listen, DC was a dream come true. It was spectacular in its on way. It was simple, elegant, refreshing, and transformational. Women are still talking. I am satisfied that I did what I came to do.

When you talk about dreams, there’s never a guarantee that we will achieve them. Last weekend I touched it, and I thank my God for it. A dream to change the course of women’s lives with a message of hope and a little #doitanyway has become a #levelup brunch designed to do just that.

I made the best friends at Paul and Ella’s event in 2015. They understand my grind and my passion. They each are forming positive changes in their industries and in the lives of those they serve.

Don’t you tell me that dreams + action don’t work. Don’t tell me that God won’t do it! I am a dream walking. And guess what? So are you! You just have to spark the fire that is already inside of you. Is bringing a dream to fruition hard? Yes. There will be bumps in the road. But you must keep going and chase your dreams.

Brunch and relationship panel for single women in Washington, DC on July 22, 2017.

Brunch and Love, DC July 22, 2017

Enjoying the journey. Learning. Living. Loving. Creating. Moving toward it.

Chasing your dreams is beautiful.

Brunch and Love DC panelists

Chasing Your Dreams is Transformational.

Chasing your dreams is worth it.

The pics above are moms who invested in themselves, in me, and in the panelists. What transpired was nothing short of amazing. We ate, we shared, we bonded, we grew, and we all got what we came for. No matter what you face right now, push toward your dreams. I’m a witness that starting small beats not starting at all. Pick up your dream and dust it off. Because around here, we #doitanyway

There’s a Part 2 to this because there are more pics and certainly more to share. But, I wanted to ignite you today to pick up that thing God has told you to do.

#westartup meets #brunchandlovedc and it was explosive

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