Being a single parent is a tough job. Being a single parent and a guy has got to be harder. But this single dad makes it look easy. Ladies, this one is for the fellas. Of course, read on and watch on. Jay Jackson is about to blow your mind and show you just how you can chase your dreams and raise your babies. Hint: organization and me time is key.

Listen, we get into it all: parenting, dream chasing, and dating again. Woo! You’re gonna like this one fellas.

Well, what do you think? Would you add something else to what we discussed that you believe has caused you to be a successful single dad? Looking forward to hearing from you. Please share with men who could use this encouragement and information on how to become a successful single dad. Also, check Jay out at

One thing is for sure, practice does make perfect. Getting in their and parenting day in and day out is the only way to get better. But, as you know, we can decrease our learning curve by seeking out experts who have been there and by sharing what we know with others. I pray this has blessed you, and I wish you much success.

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