Wow! I remember my first date after my kids’ dad, and it was terrible. The guy was super tall and ginormous. And let’s be honest, I’m pretty tall. So for me to be intimidated is tough. But I was. He was very blunt and somehow a friend of mine thought we’d be the perfect match and hooked us up. Let’s just say we had the one date. I was like “Thank you so much, but no thank you.” It wasn’t his height or size even though I was having a hissy fit trine to figure out how to reach up high enough to hug him bye. Lol! I’m almost 6 feet so again, he was a giant. 

What I learned was that just because someone is single doesn’t mean they’re lonely and just because you have a single friend, and I have a single friend they don’t need to meet each other. Okay! 

So, like many of you, I muddled through the years dating here and there and raising babies. I, too, had the “there are no good men” conversation and then I had some great relationships. What did I learn? That people are people. And that we all have certain types. We need to know what we like, what we want and don’t want and that will make dating go a lot smoother. Enter my dating challenge.

5 Day Dating Confidence challenge by The Winning Single Mom, Kaywanda Lamb to help single moms get relationship ready.

Enter anytime 5 day dating confidence challenge for single moms

Woo! I’m so excited to offer this because I know at the top of our lists as single moms is having someone to do life with. I’ve been coaching moms and loving it, so I thought it would be great to help more women get to the place of their own happy and teach them how to let love in. You’ve probably noticed my brunches I’ve had this year promoting the same thing and so let’s get you on the road to good love. 

Join the 5 day Good Love Challenge right here. I promise you’ll find that love isn’t as hard to get to as you think and even learn a thing or too about what you really want in a mate.

See you inside the challenge! And remember, you can be a great mom, chase your dreams, and make room for good love. I do!

Do It Anyway!

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